Making progress on my book of highlights!

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I spent the weekend editing, tidying, and formatting the 5-star posts from my blog archives. I’m currently working on a two-column landscape PDF optimized for on-screen reading. It’s 253 pages long and has posts, sketches, and photos. I might take advantage of Microsoft Word’s built-in inking capabilities to annotate it even further.

I enjoy investing time into organizing my posts and improving the layout. I learned a lot about Microsoft Word, using field codes to create section-specific tables of contents, creating headers that included the section names, and tweaking my styles for consistent formatting.

The book is coming together well, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

My next steps are:

  • flesh out the introduction and the notes at the end; perhaps create a sketchnote for the entire journey, or sketchnotes for the different chapters?
  • design a cover image
  • create a sample PDF with the first chapter and the full table of contents
  • figure out how to publish and sell the PDF
  • create an EPUB version so that I can republish it to different platforms

This is actually quite fun. After I finish putting together these blog highlights, I think I’ll go back and create collections of posts on topics such as blogging, networking, Emacs, and other things I write a lot about.

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