Weekly review: Week ending June 15, 2012

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It’s funny how my Business category is regularly much bigger than my Work category used to be, and it still feels like a manageable load. Maybe it’s because only part of the Business category feels like work-work – the billable consulting I do. There’s paperwork, but it’s rather like dealing with all the admin issues. Planning is fun, and so is tinkering around with Quantified Awesome or researching other ways to improve how I work.

W- has been in crunch mode because his team is working on making a target date, but things should ease up a little over the next few weeks. Me, I’ve been ramping up my writing. I’ve read through all the posts in my archive and rated them. Now I’m going to work on pulling the rated items out and copying them into a draft e-book, maybe using Scrivener or Sigil. It’ll be nice to put that together.

The summer solstice is approaching. Shorter days from then on! That’s okay, I think I’m getting the hang of this…

From last week’s plans


  • [X] Earn: E1: training and community prototyping
  • [X] Earn: R1: i18n
  • [-] Connect: Have lunch with one of my mentors – actually next week
  • [X] Build: Get a simple Emacs interface going again
  • [X] Build: Photograph more of my clothes for Quantified Awesome
  • [X] Build: Review more of my blog – all done!
  • [-] Build: Tweak Quantified Awesome – receipt display, perhaps?
  • Build: Listed activities and started planning delegation
  • Earn: Signed November conference contract
  • Build: Attended QS conference organizer meetup
  • Build: Reviewed phone decision
  • Connect: Went to library business meetup


  • [X] Cook many vegetable-focused meals
  • [X] Check out Value Village
  • [X] Watch Prometheus with W-


  • [X] Write for myself
  • [-] Take it easy
  • Build: Listed activities
  • Tried out BigOven for grocery list; crashes on my phone

Plans for next week


  • [ ] Earn: E1: Community prototyping and remote training
  • [ ] Earn: R1: I18n, invoice
  • [ ] Connect: Meet with mentor
  • [X] Build: Post a job ad for Quickbooks help
  • [ ] Build: Start copying highlights into Scrivener
  • [ ] Build: Write guide for analyzing Tap Log CSVs


  • [ ] Paint chairs
  • [ ] Call friends
  • [ ] Take Neko to vet for checkup


  • [ ] More writing

Time notes

Way more writing this week, yay! Although maybe I should start filing writing under business as well…

  • Business: 49:43 (E1 30:16, R1 6:20, connect 4:05)
  • Discretionary: 31:40 (writing 10:47, social 9:57)
  • Personal: 22:28 (biking 9:13, routines 7:22)
  • Sleep: 51:55 (average 7.4 hours per day)
  • Unpaid work: 12:11

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