Building the foundation for a shed

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W- and I are planning to get a new, larger shed so that we can store the bicycles and tools in it. I’ve been biking a lot more these days and it’s great that the bikes are in the living room, but it can be a little difficult to lug my bike up the steps. It will be great to organize our things more neatly, too.

The other weekend, we moved all the things from the old shed. W- took the shed down and cleared the area. This weekend, we prepared the foundation. The new shed will rest on two 4×4 runners on top of patio stones in a bed of gravel. The back yard slopes quite a bit in that area, so we fiddled with gravel and patio stones until we got things mostly level. W- did all the heavy lifting, and I helped with measuring.

I’m learning about a lot of things that I would never have expected to explore back then. =) This is cool, though! It’s said that Canada has two seasons: winter and construction. It’s true.

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