Weekly review: Week ending July 20, 2012

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Yesterday, I did something I don’t think I’ve done since graduate school. I spent almost nine hours just talking to people – me and one or two other friends at a time. Not a conference, not a meeting, not a family get-together, not a tea party. Just hanging out on a Friday. Lunch with people I met for the first time, an afternoon chat with a friend I hadn’t seen for months, a crepe dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen in years.

Actually not awkward. Fun. Glad to spend time with people, and to help as well.

I like this. I can add more of this to my life. I like it because I hear about other people’s lives and other people’s adventures. I like it because people are interesting. I like it because I can share what I’m learning, and I can learn more from their questions and ideas along the way.

This is good. I want to make more space for this.

From last week’s plans


  • [X] Earn: E1: Training, creating training material
  • [-] Connect: Set up next Emacs chat?
  • [X] Build: Start sketching Android app
  • [X] Build: Learn more about accounting
  • [X] Build: Attend WordPress Toronto meetup: Custom Post Types
  • Connect: Started tracking people using org-contacts
  • Connect: Chatted with Floyd Marinescu and Nitin Bharti
  • Build: Went through Google Android training materials


  • [C] Plan Dark Knight Rises get-together: Cancelled
  • [X] Help lay the foundation for the shed
  • Chatted with Maira Bay de Souza
  • Got back in touch with Steve Crawford


  • [X] Play more LEGO Batman 2 =)
  • Planted more lettuce in the garden

Plans for next week


  • [ ] Earn: E1: Revise training material, prototype communities
  • [ ] Connect: Conversation about lifelogging
  • [ ] Connect: Take sketchnotes at Third Tuesday Toronto
  • [ ] Connect: Attend MobileDev.TO launch
  • [ ] Build: Start preparing Quantified Self talk
  • [ ] Build: Learn more about Android development
  • [X] Build: Order TF700 tablet, wheee!
  • [X] Build: Improve Quantified Awesome JSON support
  • [X] Build: Get Emacs to automatically generate my time summaries


  • [ ] Map out more friends and get in touch with them
  • [ ] Get together with friends and talk about libraries


  • [ ] Draw for fun
  • [ ] Analyze ManicTime data

Time notes

  • Business: 56.1 hours (E1: 39.1)
  • Discretionary: 34.6 hours (Social: 10.3, Writing: 5.3)
  • Personal: 18.7 hours (Biking: 6.3, Routines: 8.8)
  • Sleep: 55.4 hours – average of 7.9 hours per day
  • Unpaid work: 3.2 hours (Cook: 0.5)

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