Quick braindump after Quantified Self 2012

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Quick notes now, more later. Eventually the videos will be up on the main conference site, but in the meantime, my sketchnotes from the plenary sessions are up on the main Quantified Self site. I hope they’ll help us trigger memories or share ideas with people who weren’t there. Here they are:

I haven’t posted notes from one person’s talk, but I do have a sketchnote draft, so I’ll clean that up and post it this week too. Apologies for any factual errors. Please send me corrections!

I had a lot of fun sharing my personal dashboard (open source; see the Source link in the footer) and what I’ve been learning from the process of building and using it.

It was fantastic connecting with people whose projects I’d been interested in for a while, such as Mark Carranza and his associative memory system.

Quick highlights to flesh out later

  • Organizers’ meetup:
  • We’d like to try adding pub nights or other social components to the Quantified Self Toronto meetup
  • I’m curious about the quant coaching approach, too
  • I want to help build a global directory of Quantified Self people and resources
  • Main conference
    • Fluxtream, Bodytrack, traqs.me, wikilife, Intel Research looking into data commons – aggregation, visualizatio
    • Heart rate variability?
    • quantified-mind
    • Experiment design
    • wanderingstan webcam photos and screencaps
    • Yasmin – baby tracking, RPubs
    • Memex, lots of recording, timeline views, search
    • Hardware envy =)

    The three things I’m going to do with the energy from the conference are to:

    1. follow up and find out more about people’s projects/interests
    2. prototype a global directory of Quantified Self profiles
    3. review and tag some of the videos from past meetups

    The three things I might consider looking into over the next six months to one year are:

    • helping organize virtual QS show&tell sessions
    • adding group experiments and data sharing to the directory
    • tracking physical activity and heart rate data (probably with the Zephyr HxM)
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