Thinking about a Quantified Self directory

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So we were talking about a directory of people interested in Quantified Self, and I want to think about what something like that would look like so that I can help build it. Here’s what my profile might look like on such a system:

Sacha Chua (@sachac,
Toronto, Canada – Previous: Manila, Philippines

Member of: Quantified Self Toronto (co-organizer)

I track:

  • Health
  • Groceries: Scanned receipts and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet since May 2012
  • Location: Occasional checkins with Google Latitude
  • Ideas
  • Library books
  • Book notes
  • Notes from conversations
  • Clothing: Custom tracker ( since August 2011

I used to track:

  • Stuff
  • Community-supported agriculture
  • Biking distance
  • Productivity / focus (RescueTime, ManicTime)

I’m curious about:

  • Tracking contacts, connections, and conversations
    • Who should I reach out to more frequently than I currently do?
    • What did I talk about with different people?
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Activity monitoring
  • Visualizations
  • Android app development

I can help people with:

  • Web development
  • Visualizations


It would be awesome to be able to find other people interested in tracking groceries, for example, and then eventually to share data structures and experiments.

What would your profile look like? What do you want to add to this?

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