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I just realized that my feedback form on Quantified Awesome didn’t let people fill in their e-mail addresses, and people didn’t think of adding it to their message… d’oh! So I’ll just respond to questions here and hope that people who checked out Quantified Awesome happen to also have subscribed to my blog.

Hi Sacha,  I looked at the statistics that you are collecting here (at quantifiedawesome.com).  One one hand it seems very beneficial for personal development/goal tracking and other uses.  On the other hand the feeling that someone else might read my stats and know in so much detail how I live gives my shudders.  Is there a way to keep one’s privacy while collecting useful personal stats?

My data is the only one that’s public. Theoretically, I have access to the database, but I won’t post anything. Also, there’s no SSL, so someone could potentially sniff your password and look around. But it’s probably okay. If you really want to keep things private, I suppose you could track using pen and paper or a spreadsheet on your computer.

Your blog is crazy interesting to me.  I’m curious about your quantification approach.  Any inspiration from Nicholas Felton at feltron.com?
Oh and crop your clothes photos more closely.  Don’t need to see the hanger and wall but more detailed shot of the clothes would be nice.

I checked out his annual report some time ago. It’s pretty, and people often point me to it. The data visualizations are neat, but I’m even more curious about his ongoing data collection and analysis processes. =) Clothes photos: That’s possible, but I can’t be bothered at the moment. Winking smile Minimal effort wins out.

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