Weekend cooking

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It was my first weekend back after the Emacs conference in London. We cooked enough to fill our chest freezer with labeled, dated portions in otherwise identical containers: shake&bake chicken, potato-and-beef croquettes, a ton of wontons. (Okay, 410 wontons – W- counted!) There’s homemade pepperoni pizza in the fridge, on top of a pan of lasagna. Just one pan this time. See, I can exercise restraint.

It’s easy to cook a lot when it’s relationship bonding time, and with background amusements like YouTube videos of a playthrough for the new Tomb Raider. W- is right: it can be a lot of fun watching someone else play a game. Maybe even more fun than playing the game itself – I’m too jumpy for that one! =)

The weather was sunny and warm(ish) on Sunday, so we did some yard work too. The forecast for next weekend calls for below-zero weather. I don’t know if the seeds I just planted will make it through. I’m looking forward to planting peas and lettuce soon.

I’ve been processing the videos from the Emacs conference as well, splicing in close-up video whenever it was available. Rendering video takes a long time, uploading takes even longer, but it will be good to have most of the sessions up there. The keynote wasn’t recorded on video, but oh well!

It took me years to get to this point, but it’s great that this now feels like home too.

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