Quick show update: Learning Together #01, Helpers Help Out #02

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Why wait until 2014 to start working on things that I think are a good idea? =) Since I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts while commuting or walking around, I figured I should start making some as well so that people can learn more conveniently. Besides, it will be a great way to practise producing shows and sharing ideas. Here’s what I’ve been working on:

Helpers Help Out – a weekly show for Google Helpouts providers (~700 people, pretty exclusive at the moment =) )

2013-11-29 Helpers Helpout 02 - Communicating with Clients Before and After Helpouts

More info on helpershelpout.com

I want to share learning-related tips and give people a space for picking my brain, too, so here’s Learning Together:

I’ll publish a more detailed blog post with MP3s and everything soon. I’m going to see if I can have it transcribed. =) They say the cobbler’s children have no shoes, but I want to see if I can make these things as well as I can. You can check sach.ac/learn for details of the next event, and you can download the MP3 from https://archive.org/details/LearningTogether01NovemberTipsSachaChua .

Some notes from producing the shows:

2013-11-29 Helpers Help Out 02 - Post-production notes

2013-12-01 Show post-production notes

2013-11-29 Fridays for podcasts

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