Emacs Chat: Phil Hagelberg

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Update 2014-06-13: Transcript now available

Phil Hagelberg talks about custom keyboards, pair-programming with syme.herokuapp.com , Clojure REPLs, starter kits and better defaults, packages, helping his kids learn to think systematically, and warming up his shed-turned-office through XMPP (from Emacs, no doubt).

Quick links: http://technomancy.us , https://syme.herokuapp.com/ , http://github.com/technomancy/better-defaults , https://github.com/technomancy/dotfiles/tree/master/.emacs.d , http://leiningen.org/ , http://technomancy.us/171 (heater), http://atreus.technomancy.us (keyboards)

Guest: Phil Hagelberg

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