Slowly getting my Gnus mail sending setup working again

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I've been using taking care of a young kid as an excuse to slack off on things like email. In fact, I haven't had a working Gnus email setup ever since February, when G Suite stopped supporting app passwords. I've been cheating by posting Emacs News to the emacs-tangents mailing list via Gmane (having survived the shift from to Since people pinged me on a couple of emacs-devel threads and were kind enough to Cc me so that I could pay attention to it, I figured it was time to properly sort out my email.

I already had Postfix set up as my SMTP server. I needed to have a DNS record with v=spf1 ip4: ~all , using the IP address of my Linode server and the instructions from G Suite. At first I made an SPF record, but that turned out to be deprecated, so I made a TXT record instead. That seemed to pass the SPF checker I tried.

I only messed up a few times: the aforementioned record type, and accidentally Ccing the emacs-devel list when I said I didn't in order to reduce list traffic). I think that's probably okay, considering I did the whole thing on my phone, lying down with one arm under A- as she tried to fall asleep. Anyway, one little thing back in working order, at least for now.

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