Why I love free software

Update 2020-07-17: Spanish translation by victorhck

2020-06-17a Why I love free software.png

Image description:

  • (Image: shelves full of gifts) Text: Free software is like having more gifts than I can even imagine.
  • (Image: building blocks) Text: Each gift is a building block that I can have fun with.
  • (Image: me playing) Text: Whee!
  • (Image: blocks with people in them, labeled “What if?” “I need…” “We did it!”) Text: More than that, each block is a glimpse into someone else’s life.
  • (Image: blocks glued together) Text: I can combine things with bubblegum and string…
  • (Image: hand with an outline) Text: … to make something that fits me so well.
  • (Image: path with notes, with a stick figure in the distance) Text: I try to leave notes along the way.
  • (Image: gift in outstretched hands) Text: Sometimes I can even make my own gift.
  • (Image: two gifts on a shelf, with space between them) Text: There’s always space.
  • (Image: A person picks up a note on a path and saying “Thanks!” There are lots of other paths that split off and explore other interesting Text: places.) Sometimes people find my things helpful…
  • Image: (me picking up a note further down the path and also saying “Thanks!”) Text: … just as I find other people’s things helpful.
  • (Image: “Free software” with wiggly lines surrounding it, growing outwards) Text: So, bit by bit, we grow.

You can see this image in context on the Free Software Foundation’s blog post about their summer fundraising campaign.

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