Org2blog: Add a note to the bottom of blog posts exported from my config file

I occasionally post snippets from my Emacs configuration file, drafting the notes directly in my literate config and posting them via org2blog. I figured it might be a good idea to include a link to my config at the end of the posts, but I didn’t want to scatter redundant links in my config file itself. Wouldn’t it be cool if the link could be automatically added whenever I use org2blog to post a subtree from my config file? I think the code below accomplishes that.

(defun my/org-export-filter-body-add-emacs-configuration-link (string backend info)
  (concat string
          (let ((id (org-entry-get-with-inheritance "CUSTOM_ID")))
             "\n<div class=\"note\">This is part of my <a href=\"\">Emacs configuration.</a></div>"
             (if id (concat "#" id) "")))))

(use-package org2blog
  (advice-add 'org2blog-entry-save
              (lambda (orig-fun &rest args)
                (if (string-match "\\.emacs\\.d/Sacha\\.org" (buffer-file-name))
                    (let ((org-export-filter-body-functions (cons 'my/org-export-filter-body-add-emacs-configuration-link org-export-filter-body-functions)))
                      (apply orig-fun args))
                  (apply orig-fun args)))))
This is part of my Emacs configuration.