subed.el: Word-level timing improvements, TSV support

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I figured out how to align the subtitles to get word-level timestamps and generate SRV2 files, so now I'm working on improving the support in subed.el so that it can work with those timestamps.

The subed-word-data-load-from-file function in subed-word-data.el should load the word data from the SRV2 file and attempt to match it up with the text, colouring words if they were successfully matched.


Figure 1: After subed-word-data-load-from-file

I also updated and committed code for working with TSV files like the label export from the Audacity audio editor. The concise format might make editing and reviewing easier. The files look like this:


Figure 2: Tab-separated values

To convert an existing file, use subed-convert (from subed-common.el). You can also manually turn on subed-tsv-mode from subed-tsv.el when you're visitng a TSV subtitle/label file. Tab-separated values can be in any sort of text file and tsv is a common file extension, so I don't automatically add it to auto-mode-alist.

The changes should be in 1.0.16 or the latest version from the Git repository at .

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