EmacsConf backstage: Using Spookfox to publish YouTube and Toobnix video drafts

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I ran into quota limits when uploading videos to YouTube with a command-line tool, so I uploaded videos by selecting up to 15 videos at a time using the web-based interface. Each video was a draft, though, and I was having a hard time updating its visibility through the API. I think it eventually worked, but in the meantime, I used this very hacky hack to look for the "Edit Draft" button and click through the screens to publish them.

emacsconf-extract-youtube-publish-video-drafts-with-spookfox: Look for drafts and publish them.
(defun emacsconf-extract-youtube-publish-video-drafts-with-spookfox ()
  "Look for drafts and publish them."
  (while (not (eq (spookfox-js-injection-eval-in-active-tab
                   "document.querySelector('.edit-draft-button div') != null" t) :false))
       "document.querySelector('.edit-draft-button div').click()" t)
      (sleep-for 2)
       "document.querySelector('#step-title-3').click()" t)
      (when (spookfox-js-injection-eval-in-active-tab
             "document.querySelector('tp-yt-paper-radio-button[name=\"PUBLIC\"] #radioLabel').click()" t)
         "document.querySelector('#done-button').click()" t)
        (while (not (eq  (spookfox-js-injection-eval-in-active-tab
                          "document.querySelector('#close-button .label') == null" t)
          (sleep-for 1))

         "document.querySelector('#close-button .label').click()" t)
        (sleep-for 1)))))

Another example of a hacky Spookfox workaround was publishing the unlisted videos. I couldn't figure out how to properly authenticate with the Toobnix (Peertube) API to change the visibility of videos. Peertube uses AngularJS components in the front end, so using .click() on the input elements didn't seem to trigger anything. I found out that I needed to use .dispatchEvent(new Event('input')) to tell the dropdown for the visibility to display the options. source

emacsconf-extract-toobnix-publish-video-from-edit-page: Messy hack to set a video to public and store the URL.
(defun emacsconf-extract-toobnix-publish-video-from-edit-page ()
  "Messy hack to set a video to public and store the URL."
  (spookfox-js-injection-eval-in-active-tab "document.querySelector('label[for=privacy]').scrollIntoView(); document.querySelector('label[for=privacy]').closest('.form-group').querySelector('input').dispatchEvent(new Event('input'));" t)
  (sit-for 1)
  (spookfox-js-injection-eval-in-active-tab "document.querySelector('span[title=\"Anyone can see this video\"]').click()" t)
  (sit-for 1)
  (spookfox-js-injection-eval-in-active-tab "document.querySelector('button.orange-button').click()" t)(sit-for 3)
  (shell-command "xdotool key Alt+Tab sleep 1 key Ctrl+w Alt+Tab"))

It's a little nicer using Spookfox to automate browser interactions than using xdotool, since I can get data out of it too. I could also have used Puppeteer from either Python or NodeJS, but it's nice staying with Emacs Lisp. Spookfox has some Javascript limitations (can't close windows, etc.), so I might still use bits of xdotool or Puppeteer to work around that. Still, it's nice to now have an idea of how to talk to AngularJS components.

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