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xtla goodness ([[EmacsTips#note19][EmacsTips:19]]”[[emacs]])

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I used xtla to browse my TLA archives today. xtla’s bookmarks and
missing patch summary made merging missing patches much easier. I used
m to mark interesting patches and . r to replay
the marked patches. Great stuff.

In related news, I’ll really need to migrate the archive. At 98414
characters, our ChangeLog is now 1/5 of the size of the source code
(457478 bytes). Dev’s changelog is much bigger—147672 bytes.

Planner cited as a reason to defect to Emacs

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You point is well taken. I find myself living in an application more and more. At work, it’s my editor
and I’d like it to handle the G.T.D. tasks and my schedule. I never set out to do this, I’ve just seen it

Tyler will probably love being able to create hyperlinked tasks from anywhere. =)

praytothemachine » Should I defect to Emacs?

Excellent newbie guide for Planner

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Clair Ching has posted a wonderful guide to Planner, complete with
screenshots. Check out the following links: