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The dips Bill brought deserve their own entry. He brought taramosalata, a Greek dip of… umm… carp egg caviar. =) But it was really nice, particularly with the chips. He also brought this totally awesome cheese dip with hints of curry, and I have to steal that recipe from him.

And he makes his own sausages. Isn’t that just mind-boggling?

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Random Japanese sentence: あなたが不在の間、誰があなたの猫の世話をするのか。 Who will look after your cat while you are away?

Backlog: I’m feeling potlucky!

Sunday was a very culinary day. ;) After doing my chores and my
laundry, I decided that a potluck lunch was in order, and I called up
Andrew and Mike. They were glad to come even though they had just half
an hour’s notice. (Heh.) Mike didn’t answer his phone the first few
times I called, so I couldn’t borrow his teriyaki stirfry sauce.
Instead, I prepared sesame and ginger chicken stirfry from scratch. I
also contributed jasmine rice (no ginger this time). Andrew brought
homemade wonton and garlic string beans, and Mike brought a sack of
fruits. Much fun was had by all, especially by Andrew, who turned out
to be a closet food stylist.

Barbecue for dinner was absolutely fantastic, too. Bill joined us,
bringing these totally awesome homemade(!!) jalapeno sausages and
other wonderful things. Andrew brought vegetable skewers, Mike brought
potatoes and turkey sausages, and I brought fruits (my canteloupe,
oranges and apples, plus Mike’s mango).

This segued naturally into coffee time and a nice long chat with Bill,
Chloe, and Stefan. Chloe’s even perkier than I am. She’s _so_ cool.
And so British, too… =)

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Random Japanese sentence: 彼はネコにトムとジェリーとなづけた。 They named their cats Tom and Jerry.