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Salmon and mashed potatoes with Steve and Mike

Steve’s out on a weekend pass, so we celebrated with an impromptu
cooking party. I defrosted and panfried some salmon steak. I
microwaved and mashed potatoes with a bit of butter, sprinkling
rosemary on top. It wasn’t a perfect combination, but it wasn’t bad
for something I just threw together. =) CookOrDie to the rescue!

Mike brought some of the stuff from his Good Food Box, so we used up
half the cabbage in that soy sauce and onion cabbage thing. We also
used totally random vegetables in soup, which turned out quite well.

We had tons of fun cooking and catching up with each other. =)

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Random Japanese sentence: 猫がネズミを追いかけた。 A cat ran after a mouse. Neko ga nezumi o oikaketa.

Good Food Box: Avocado antics

This fortnight’s Good Food Box contains one avocado plus all the usual
staples (potatoes, onions, carrots, lettuce, broccoli). I also got two
tomatoes and one green pepper.

I have decided not to eat out unless absolutely necessary, if only
because I hate throwing food away. The Good Food Box is evilly
designed to require me to either throw parties or eat lots of
veggie-based dishes if I’m to avoid wasting too much food. I would
love to get together with someone who’ll take care of the meat dishes.

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Random Japanese sentence: 猫はぬれるのを嫌がる。 Cats dislike being wet.

Good food box contents

March 8’s Good Food Box contained:

1 head green cabbage
1/2 lbs Yukon Gold potatoes
2 lbs onion
2 lbs carrots
1 pack mushrooms
1 pint cherry tomatoes
1 head romaine lettuce
1 cantaloupe
1 bunch bananas
4 oranges
1 broccoli

Help! I need cabbage suggestions. =)

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Random Japanese sentence:

赤ん坊は猫の尾でおもしろく遊んでいた。 The baby was amusing itself with the cat’s tail.

Good Food Box: Pear Poofery

Here’s what in the Good Food Box for this fortnight:

2 lbs purple sweet potatoes
2.5 lbs yukon gold potatoes
1 broccoli
2 lbs carrots
1 pack mushrooms
1 lb beets
1 head romaine lettuce
1.5 lbs apples
1 bunch bananas
4 oranges
1.5 lbs pears

Help! Must figure out how to cook beets, pears… Waaah!

I think I’m going to make pear pie.

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