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In times of weakness

I threw up last night almost six hours after I ate bacon and eggs from
a restaurant. Weird that the only time I got a severse adverse
reaction to food here, it wasn’t even my fault. I was very weak, but
fortunately I had my cellphone with me, so I managed to call up my mom
for advice and one of my friends for help. It was all I could do to
grab a mug of water, open one of those wonderful air-activated heating
pads, and stagger into bed.

I would’ve asked Mariana for help, but she was studying, so I called
the only person I could think of who’d probably be awake and ready to
help. Deep gratitude goes out to Mike Tsang, who brought biscuits and
prepared some sugarwater for me. That really helped me recover, and I
went to sleep rehydrated.

I had a heavy lunch that day, so I think the suddenly high calorie
intake upset my system. I’m so very glad I have friends, though.

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Random Japanese sentence: その子はねこの尻尾を掴まえた。 The boy caught the cat by the tail. Sono ko wa neko no shippo o tsukamaeta.

Sick today

Not enough sleep and not enough water and certain other factors that
occur on a semi-regular basis meant I was really, really drained
today. I pushed myself a bit hard for lunch, heading out to an
Ethiopian restaurant with Mike Tsang, his brother David, and their
friend Nashira (sp?). It was nice meeting them, though, and I had
interesting conversations over delicious food.

That meant I skipped the lunch nap I was thinking of having, though. A
high-priority issue came up afterwards, so I didn’t get much of an
afternoon nap, either. By the time I finally got to nap, it was almost
Toastmasters time. I called Paul to say I couldn’t make it. I hope he
passed the message to Ari.

I wasn’t in the mood to cook or even to reheat pizza, but Calum
happened to be in the area (he had a thesis meeting with Mark), so he
showed me where I could get a nice, healthy soup. It was a bit of a
walk, but the nap had left me a little bit better, and I drank plenty
of water while I was there.

I felt better after the meal, although still a little out of sorts. I
felt good enough to practice some Renaissance dance. I also stayed up
talking to Clair and Charo, formulating a battle plan.

All I can say is: thank goodness for portable heating packs, or I’d
probably have been totally out of it for the whole day.

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Random Japanese sentence: 実はわたしの猫ははずかしがりやなのです。 The fact is that my cat is shy.

Stayed in bed most of the day

ネコは身動きひとつしなかった。 The cat didn’t move a muscle.

This cat nearly didn’t, either. I stayed in bed almost all day, still
nursing a sore throat. Still sick. My dad and I had arroz caldo. What
a wonderful comfort food… (No, my dad isn’t sick. Just me.)

Tomorrow the ACM people want me to train with them. I’ve been looking
forward to it too, although I’ve been a little nervous due to certain
personal reasons. My mom said something along the lines of quitting
while I was ahead, but it isn’t that, really. Oh well. I’ll pick up
some of my toys, at least. Besides, I don’t have a reliable way of
getting in touch with them, and I’d hate to make them wait at Faura.

I should also work on the Adphoto systems. Eventually. Maybe the
equipment thing. I don’t know… The Bluepoint thing isn’t much, but
at least it’s well-defined; I know when I’m successful. And I’ll get
paid for it too, which might be nice for starting a small business or

Gah. I need to think.

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Still sick

I still have a hard time swallowing, and I’m somewhat warmer than
normal. Oh well. Also feel very—no, not quite sleepy, but I do want
to vegetate.

In other news, I had a lot of fun playing taiko at the arcades. I’ve
gotten much better at it since my retun,. I can easily clear simple
songs and have even cleared the medium version of the 5th symphony.
(Don’t ask me what the 5th symphony is doing there, but it’s lots of

Watched Miss Congeniality 2 today.

Oh, wore the funky pants Kathy gave me. Also wore the pretty zori I
brought home from Japan.

Much fun.

Still sick, though.

かりなくなってしまいました。 Each cat ate a mouthful of grass and not
a blade was left!

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