A geek’s guide to Toronto

Geek guide to Toronto

Gino Ledesma (one of my friends from university) is in Toronto for some training, so I spent the afternoon showing him some of my favorite geek places. =) He was blown away by the size of the Toronto Reference Library (and I showed him Robarts Library, too – no stacks access, though =( ). We enjoyed walking through the Royal Ontario Museum (particularly the Philippine section with, err, basket-like cellphone holders). Guidebooks wouldn’t have told him about Active Surplus or the Linux Caffe. =) And I might go with him to the science centre next weekend. (I love the place!) Ah, geeks hanging out…

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  • Alex

    There’s also Toronto’s mini-Akihabara – a strip of computer shops on College st. beginning west of Spadina Ave., if you don’t know what other gadget to buy :)

  • Xavier

    Wish I had this info months ago…

    • Pity! Also, the Linux Caffe has closed since then, and I would add hacklab.to to the new list. =)