We did the formal pamanhikan last night, over Skype. I prepared an agenda to help W- and his parents talk to my parents:


The agenda provided a running joke throughout the video chat. ;) The structure helped, too! We documented the decisions made, and I’m responsible for e-mailing people the minutes. W- and I keep planning information in Google Wave, a shared spreadsheet, and other notes.

Yes, we’re that kind of couple.

W- and I have joked that IBM’s helped us get a lot of experience in working with global teams and coordinating projects. ;)

Also, in other news, I’m engaged. =)

  • I should introduce you to a bride who did her wedding planning in git. And congratulations.

  • Rick Innis

    Congratulations! Geek weddings are always fun to plan :-)

  • Don, you get a special thank-you. ;) When W- and I first met, he recognized my name from one of my articles in the Linux Journal. That’s one of the reasons we got to talking! <laugh>

  • How about mathematically constrained wedding vows? ;-)


  • Brad Buset

    Congratulations Sacha! All the best, and have fun ;)

  • Congratulations Sacha! Happy for you!

  • Jean-Christophe Helary

    Congratulations Sacha !
    I wish you all the best !


  • Thanks for the congratulations and the great wishes! Looking forward to sharing more stories and thoughts. =)

  • Suzanne

    Thats awesome news, congrats!!

  • WOW… I’m so late… I even commented on your ’nuff said post. Grats kiddo!

  • Miguel

    I could have sworn I left some sort of congratulations but here it is again for good measure. Congratulations!

  • =D Thanks!

    Booked the wedding venue. Whee!

  • So wait… you’re gonna just keep us in suspense about the venue. can you tell us the timezone? run a contest on who comes closest to the venue? I got dibs that it’s gonna be in Palawan.

  • Uma

    Congratulations Sacha!

  • syl

    Wow, congratulations Sasha and W! Planning a wedding via google wave, how cool is that huh :D

    I just want to say that my significant other and I are also working out plans for our wedding on Oct. One thing I can say is that it is quite an thrilling experience,like watching an emacs compile :d

    Again congrats to the two of you!

  • I read this post but missed the last lines. So much for me skimming articles.


  • Jenny Lisk

    Congratulations Sacha!!!

  • Seth: Yes, I know, evil of me to bury news like that at the end of a blog post with a nondescript title. ;) Think of it like an Easter egg for a blog, perhaps? <laugh>

    Thanks for all the congrats! Venue: Toronto City Hall wedding chambers. We’re keeping it simple. =)

  • Congraulations Sasha!!!! All the best!