Weekly review: Week ending December 3, 2010

From last week’s plans

  • Work
    • [X] Drupal: Get project S in shape for Iteration 2 review
    • [X] Drupal: Take on more development responsibilities for project M – now tech lead
    • [-] Prepare standalone presentation on collaboration in the enterprise for Dec 10 launch – Partial; will share my social media in telecoms or social media in retail presentation instead
    • [X] Go through open source process so that I can contribute MobileOrg patches back to community – asked my manager
    • Helped John Conrad with the community toolkit
    • Helped Violanda de Man find Innovation Discovery resources
    • Started working on PDFA for level 4
  • Relationships
    • [X] Prepare food for the week: curry, pasta sauce
    • [X] Take care of things while W- is in crunch mode
    • [X] Set up regular schedule of Skype chats with family
    • [-] Write and send more cards – made Christmas card design, so will wait for Vistaprint to deliver
    • Today: Cook with the Hattoris
  • Life
    • [-] Android: Tweak MobileOrg some more
    • [X] Android: Think about that grocery/inventory app I want to build (like GTracker, but with tweaks)
    • Drafted blog posts for pre-conference kit
    • Experimented with tracking activity
    • Experimented with GTracker for grocery list management
    • Bought more winter things

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [ ] Drupal: More Drupal work – build tricky parts of project M
    • [ ] Finish blog post for Dec 10 launch
    • [ ] Help with Slideshare IBM network
    • [ ] Write more posts for conference toolkit
    • [ ] Work on PDFA for level 4 IT specialist
    • [ ] Discuss social media and telecoms over lunch
  • Relationships
    • [ ] Help with homework
    • [ ] Buy fleece for making throw
  • Life
    • [ ] Design my own grocery list / tracking app for the Android

  • There was a grocery app for the Palm OS called Handy Shopper. That is by far the best grocery app for me. It just needed a good way of synchronizing and sharing.

    It seems to be updated still, from what I see here http://home.comcast.net/~chrisant/hs3/hs3.htm#Download

  • Yup, that’s my favourite too. Not available for Android, unfortunately, and still missing a few features I’d love to add if I’m building my own app. =)