Sketchnotes from Quantified Self Toronto meetup #3

Click on the image for a slightly larger version.image

Topics: neurotropics, step counting, tracking through low-cost devices ( doesn’t seem to work – correct URL?)

I also shared my time tracking, grocery tracking, and price book. People found the batch cooking stuff interesting. =) Here are the slides I used:

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  • Sacha – thanks for the awesome notes, you rule!

    I got the proper URL for Dean – it’s, but it just says “coming soon”, I guess because they are still only testing it internally.

    Also, for those interested, the post that got me inspired on the nootropics stuff.

  • Aha! Thanks for the spelling updates. =D

  • I am a big fan of Nike+. I have started serious running again in 2011 and I like not only the measurement at the device level, but I love the web site, too. I also have an old Polar HRM that I sometimes use when running.

    Running benefits from quantification.