Weekly review: Week ending January 21, 2011

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Oh boy. Between the M and S projects wrapping up, Lotusphere preparations, and general scrambling, life is going to be pretty busy for the next three weeks. Must make time to get plenty of sleep.

From last week’s plans

  • Work
    • [X] Wrap up project M
    • [X] Document case studies
    • [-] Write about lessons learned
    • [X] Apply to open seats
    • [X] Follow up on Lotusphere – I’m going!
    • [-] Draw networking guide for conferences – more progress
    • [X] Chat with Vikram Kalkat regarding Web 2.0
    • Registered for Lotusphere; booked hotel and flight
  • Relationships
    • [-] Have get-together – postponed to Feb
    • [X] Help with J-‘s Little Big Planet party
    • Baked lasagna and shared it with Morgan and Cathy
  • Life
    • [X] Get through busy week
    • [-] Post more book notes!
    • Attended Quantified Self meetup. Shared my grocery tracking and time tracking experiences. Posted sketchnotes.
    • Posted rational economic theory analysis of things I do for fun ;)
    • Started using Keep Track on the Android to track values (productivity, energy, happiness)
    • Downloaded pre-certified StudioTax 2010 (keener!)

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [X] Finish deliverables for Project M
    • [X] Get my Lotusphere plans together
    • [X] Prepare Lotusphere BoF resources on working with the Lotus Connections API
    • [X] Finish pre-conference networking tips slides
  • Relationships
    • [X] Connect with coworkers
    • [X] Be extra-wonderful to W-
  • Life
    • [X] Survive even busier week
    • [X] Book a massage for some time after I get back from Lotusphere?

Time analysis

Category Hours Last week Notes
Sleep 61.6 61.1 8.8 hours of sleep a day; the constant battle of the satisfaction of waking up early, the need to avoid sleep deprivation, and the interestingness of evening life
Work 46.4 40.7 Overtime dealing with project wrap-up
Routines 16.0 18.4 Cooking: 1.6 hours, tidying: 0.5 hours
Break 12.0 16.5 Mostly eating-related; will break this out separately
Social 10.1 13.2 Quantified Self meetup, hanging out with W- and J-
Exercise 7.7 6.6
Writing 7.3 7.2
Travel 2.9 2.8
Learning 2.7 0.9
Outsourceable 0.8 0.3

I’m going to try limiting my writing time further, and cutting a little bit back on sleep. Also experimenting with breaking routines down into more detail.

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