Blog analysis for 2012: ~133,000 words so far

I reviewed my blog posts in 2012 and rated them on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 indicates my favourite posts – the ones I want to keep around and refer back to, or the ones that represent key moments in my life.


I’ve been pretty good at keeping to ~1 post a day, although travel and family time meant I was away from my computer during much of September.

Year-by-year comparison:


Observation: I write fewer posts, but I feel better about them.

Number of words in 2012: ~133,000 (~ 380 words per post)

Observation: Fewer words, but bigger ones.

Looking at the three-word phrases I used the most, I can see that I continue to use my blog for a lot of planning. They’re mostly the same as last year’s words, except that “a lot of” has dropped down to fourth place from second.

  This year Last year
I want to 238 158
so that I 115 94
that I can 113 76
a lot of 89 126
be able to 86 86
in order to 67 55

For comparison, here’s the analysis from last year, and here’s the post spreadsheet with ratings.

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  • Thanks for sharing your analysis. Writing a post a day is very admirable and significantly better than my 2-4 per month!

  • Having realized that the best way for me to remember something is to post it where Google can find it and other people can remind me about it (and that’s happened – people have pointed me to things I’ve completely forgotten writing about!), I try to share as much as possible of what I’m learning. =) I’ve been thinking about splitting off more topic-focused views (or even separate blogs) for people who may not want all the updates. If there was something like that, is there a set of categories you’d prefer to read about, or do you like the variety?

  • wow u are soooooooo geeek! hehehe… pati number of words used may total. Magawa nga din to sa blog ko… hehe. And may readability test scores pa. O__O

    Thanks for sharing about this Sacha. Now I have an idea what to write on my next blog post. :D

  • And oh… what online tool or software are you using pala to calculate Flesch–Kincaid grade level and Gunning Fox index?

  • I like the variety. Of most interest to me are the sketchnotes and sketchnote processes, and your business adventures.

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