Blog analysis for 2012: ~133,000 words so far

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I reviewed my blog posts in 2012 and rated them on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 indicates my favourite posts – the ones I want to keep around and refer back to, or the ones that represent key moments in my life.


I’ve been pretty good at keeping to ~1 post a day, although travel and family time meant I was away from my computer during much of September.

Year-by-year comparison:


Observation: I write fewer posts, but I feel better about them.

Number of words in 2012: ~133,000 (~ 380 words per post)

Observation: Fewer words, but bigger ones.

Looking at the three-word phrases I used the most, I can see that I continue to use my blog for a lot of planning. They’re mostly the same as last year’s words, except that “a lot of” has dropped down to fourth place from second.

  This year Last year
I want to 238 158
so that I 115 94
that I can 113 76
a lot of 89 126
be able to 86 86
in order to 67 55

For comparison, here’s the analysis from last year, and here’s the post spreadsheet with ratings.

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