Sketchnote lessons: Stick figures

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Stick figures are fun to draw. Click on the image to view or download a larger version that you can trace or doodle on, and feel free to share this with others! (Creative Commons Attribution License)

20130904 Sketchnote Lessons - Stick Figures

See for the other tips in this series, and check back next Thursday for more!

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  • This is a wonderful resource and so much fun to practice drawing!. I like how you have used the blue color for the drawings which makes it easy to color in.

    I printed a couple of copies for my practice. Looking forward to more of your wonderful Sketchnote Lessons.


    • I’m really glad you like them. =) I’m planning to put together a PDF to make it even easier for people to print them out, and I’m looking forward to updating that as I add more.

      I figured drawing the guidelines in a lighter colour would make it easier for people to draw on top of them either on the computer or on paper. Trivia: the colour I picked is non-photo blue, which is popular because people use it to lightly sketch drawings before they draw over their sketches in ink. Non-photo blue is very light when photocopied and easy to filter out on the computer when scanning.

      (Come to think of it, maybe I should make a darker version in case people photocopy sheets – has this been a problem for anyone?)

      • Thanks for your prompt reply Sacha. I printed your sheets in black and white on the office printer – and the blue appears as a medium gray.

        Looking forward to lessons on drawing more face details!

        By the way, have you seen the books by Nancy Margulies in Visual Mindscapes? I have both editions of the book – the first was black and white and lots of sketchnote style drawings – second edition uses more colour washes.

        Eventually I will share some of my sketches on my blog :-)


        • Thanks for the recommendations! Added to my wishlist. =)