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Moments with my mom

Mom said:

Neko is missing you so much that it wanted to cuddle up
even with me. I was having lunch yesterday when she approached me,
then jumped (ever so gently) on my lap. I put my hands up, but later
decided to touch her. she just accepted that. then that was a little
too much for me, so I stopped stroking her back, and she decided that
was enough – she jumped out of my lap – again without scratching me.
hmmmm… Neko and I are making progress.

there’s hope for Neko yet. =). there’s hope for me, too. =)

Awwww… Upon hearing that this is my fourth day with adobo in one form or another:

you better learn to cook something other than adobo. You can cook tapa. just get a thin slice of beef. marinate it in vinegar (white), soy sauce and garlic. cook the beef in the marinade, and when when almost done (before the marinade dries up completely), take out the marinade. fry the beef briefly, then put back the marinade, with onion slices , (round), cook just very, very briefly and that’s it. The sauce is yummy, and can flavor your rice. You don’t need a lot of vinegar and soy sauce, just enough to make the beef tender. Make sure the cut of the beef is across the grain. Here, you can buy beef slices really for “bistek” (which is Filipino for beef steak).=)

I love my mom. =)

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Hurrah for cat power!

Link from my sister:

E-Mail from Kathy Chua

Random Japanese sentence: 猫は背を弓なりに曲げた。 The cat arched its back.


One of the little joys of being home is spending time with my cat,
whom no one else loves, but stays in our house (despite my cat’s
furniture-scratching) because my mother loves me.

She comes when I call her, even though I’m not the one feeding
her. She tries hard to pretend that she isn’t following me around: she
walks just a little bit ahead, but turns around, confused, if I change
paths. She jumps into my bed at night and curls up beside or on top of
me. Cats being clean creatures, if she needs to be let out to use the
kitty litter, she pats and meows to wake me up.

She’s scrawny, but she has a certain something about her – a quiet,
intelligent, but tentative air. Elegance.

One of the reasons why I’m looking forward to finishing my thesis is
so that I can move into a pet-friendly apartment and bring her in. So
much effort for a stray cat of no fancy pedigree! But she is my cat,
and like the fox and the Little Prince, I am both tamer and tamed.

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My cat

My cat’s generally psychotic nature can be explained by the fact that
when we found her, she was this ant-covered starving little ball of
fur trapped inside our bathroom wall. She’s always been a little bit
distrustful, quick to bat at others. It didn’t help that my sister
liked teasing her and that I’m the only cat person in the house. As a
result, she has a well-deserved reputation for being snooty and more
than a little ill-tempered.

But she lets me blow raspberries into her fur, and she sneaks under
the covers and curls up with me when I’m sleeping. It’s been good
seeing my cat again. She was so scrawny when I arrived, but it’s good
to see that she’s gained a little weight during my stay.

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The Kitten-ful Life

One of my friends has the absolutely best setup for kittendom. She
fosters kittens for the Toronto Human Society, taking in kittens and
raising them to be well-socialized, adoptable, absolutely adorable
kitties. This is not an easy job. I remember raising the
KittenWhoMustNotBeNamed (now called Neko or Catastrophix, depending on
whether you ask me or my sister). Waking up every four hours to feed
the kitten, getting used to the ever-present smell of soy milk or
kitty chow, trying to teach the kitty not to bite (no luck)… But
kittens are so adorable, and I’m sure jz will get _plenty_ of nice
pictures… Too bad W- is allergic to cats and dogs. Envy!

Kitten Foster

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Random cat moment

My Random Posts widget turned up a link to Another kitten who must not be named!, which told the story of how my parents adopted Ollie, another stray cat.
And of course there’s Neko, my somewhat psychotic but sweet-to-me cat.

I miss them. I rarely talk about the cats during my webcam chats with my family because there’s not much I can do. W- has asthma, so no kitties ever. =( So I content myself by watching cat videos on Cute Overload. It’s nice not dealing with kitty litter, but it’s not the same as feeling something purr as it nestles in your lap.

Here is my cat:


Scottish Folds have nothing on my cat. =)

I miss her. But I’m still glad I had a chance to rescue her from inside the walls, and I’m still glad that I woke up at odd hours to feed her, and I’m still glad that I got tremendously attached to her. And I really appreciate how my family’s still taking care of my cat even if she tears up all the furniture…

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