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Still sick

I still have a hard time swallowing, and I'm somewhat warmer than normal. Oh well. Also feel very—no, not quite sleepy, but I do want to vegetate.

In other news, I had a lot of fun playing taiko at the arcades. I've gotten much better at it since my retun,. I can easily clear simple songs and have even cleared the medium version of the 5th symphony. (Don't ask me what the 5th symphony is doing there, but it's lots of fun.)

Watched Miss Congeniality 2 today.

Oh, wore the funky pants Kathy gave me. Also wore the pretty zori I brought home from Japan.

Much fun.

Still sick, though.

どのねこも、どのねこもひとくちずつ草を食べました。すると野原中の草はすっ かりなくなってしまいました。 Each cat ate a mouthful of grass and not a blade was left!

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Stayed in bed most of the day

ネコは身動きひとつしなかった。 The cat didn't move a muscle.

This cat nearly didn't, either. I stayed in bed almost all day, still nursing a sore throat. Still sick. My dad and I had arroz caldo. What a wonderful comfort food... (No, my dad isn't sick. Just me.)

Tomorrow the ACM people want me to train with them. I've been looking forward to it too, although I've been a little nervous due to certain personal reasons. My mom said something along the lines of quitting while I was ahead, but it isn't that, really. Oh well. I'll pick up some of my toys, at least. Besides, I don't have a reliable way of getting in touch with them, and I'd hate to make them wait at Faura.

I should also work on the Adphoto systems. Eventually. Maybe the equipment thing. I don't know... The Bluepoint thing isn't much, but at least it's well-defined; I know when I'm successful. And I'll get paid for it too, which might be nice for starting a small business or whatnot.

Gah. I need to think.

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Sick today

Not enough sleep and not enough water and certain other factors that occur on a semi-regular basis meant I was really, really drained today. I pushed myself a bit hard for lunch, heading out to an Ethiopian restaurant with Mike Tsang, his brother David, and their friend Nashira (sp?). It was nice meeting them, though, and I had interesting conversations over delicious food.

That meant I skipped the lunch nap I was thinking of having, though. A high-priority issue came up afterwards, so I didn't get much of an afternoon nap, either. By the time I finally got to nap, it was almost Toastmasters time. I called Paul to say I couldn't make it. I hope he passed the message to Ari.

I wasn't in the mood to cook or even to reheat pizza, but Calum happened to be in the area (he had a thesis meeting with Mark), so he showed me where I could get a nice, healthy soup. It was a bit of a walk, but the nap had left me a little bit better, and I drank plenty of water while I was there.

I felt better after the meal, although still a little out of sorts. I felt good enough to practice some Renaissance dance. I also stayed up talking to Clair and Charo, formulating a battle plan.

All I can say is: thank goodness for portable heating packs, or I'd probably have been totally out of it for the whole day.

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Random Japanese sentence: 実はわたしの猫ははずかしがりやなのです。 The fact is that my cat is shy.

In times of weakness

I threw up last night almost six hours after I ate bacon and eggs from a restaurant. Weird that the only time I got a severse adverse reaction to food here, it wasn't even my fault. I was very weak, but fortunately I had my cellphone with me, so I managed to call up my mom for advice and one of my friends for help. It was all I could do to grab a mug of water, open one of those wonderful air-activated heating pads, and stagger into bed.

I would've asked Mariana for help, but she was studying, so I called the only person I could think of who'd probably be awake and ready to help. Deep gratitude goes out to Mike Tsang, who brought biscuits and prepared some sugarwater for me. That really helped me recover, and I went to sleep rehydrated.

I had a heavy lunch that day, so I think the suddenly high calorie intake upset my system. I'm so very glad I have friends, though.

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Random Japanese sentence: その子はねこの尻尾を掴まえた。 The boy caught the cat by the tail. Sono ko wa neko no shippo o tsukamaeta.

First taste of the Canadian medical system

Wednesday was an interesting time for me. I am deeply, deeply grateful to Leigh Honeywell and Jed Smith, who took me to the hospital and stayed with me. Here's what happened:

I fell while trying to get off my bike. I must've slipped or misjudged the height because this was my first time to ride it wearing black school schoes instead of hiking shoes. Fortunately, I was near Graduate House when this happened, and I limped to my room to pick up something I'd forgotten.

I headed back down and decided to brave the bike again so that I could go to the bank. After a block of much pain, I decided that biking was probably not the best way to travel. I headed back, found out that I was bleeding, and did my best to deal with it. It wouldn't stop, though.

I texted Jed to tell him that I couldn't make it to samba because of the bike accident. I also told a couple of friends who biked, just in case they had any advice. One of those was Leigh, who turned out to be on campus taking a class on Java exceptions. Upon hearing of my distress, she left the class and headed to Graduate House in order to help me get to the hospital.

I left out the specifics of the accident because it was a rather embarrassing thing, but Jed insisted that I keep him updated. I told him that Leigh was taking me to the hospital and that everything would be fine. We took a cab to Western, and Jed met us there after a short while.

The Canadian medical system is good, but the lack of doctors makes things a bit slow. That said, I was glad that I didn't have anything serious enough to make the triage nurse increase my priority. Having company certainly helped pass the time. =)

The examination was a bit brutal, though. I cried and hyperventilated from the pain, losing a contact lens in the process. They gave me a painkiller afterwards. (Hmm, might have been a better idea to do the painkiller before the examination...)

The resident doctor told me that it was a routine injury and nothing to worry about, although he referred me to a Mount Sinai Hospital so that a specialist could make sure that everything was all right. The doctor told me that the next few days would be rather painful, though, so I texted Quinn Fung, asking her to e-mail all the people I had on my schedule.

We took a cab to Mount Sinai and waited for a few hours. The painkiller helped, and the company of friends made it easy for me to pass the time.

I got admitted to the emergency room at around midnight. I talked to one of the ER staff about what happened, and then I dozed on and off while waiting for the specialist. I woke up when Jed came in. He said that Leigh had to leave already (it was way past midnight then!), and he also brought some food. I didn't have much appetite, though.

The specialist came at around 3:00. The preliminary exam was still too painful for me, so they stuck an IV into me and gave me a stronger painkiller. It made me drowsy, and when I woke up again they had finished with everything and reassured me that nothing needed stitching or patching up. Jed stepped out when they did the examination, but remembered the instructions that the ER staff gave him. That was good as I couldn't remember the examination at all.

So that's my first experience of the Canadian medical system. I'm really, really glad that friends were there to help me navigate the system and to hold my hand throughout the process. Big shout out goes to Leigh and Jed, who saw me at my worst and stuck around anyway... =)

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Random Japanese sentence: 私が出掛けている間、猫の面倒をみてください。 Please look after my cats while I'm away.

Recovering from jet lag

Between moving my cat 13,000km and finalizing my permanent residency, that was the most stressed out flight I’d ever taken.

It’s four days after the flight and I’m still tired. A nasty cold snuck in while my immune system was weak, I guess. W- has been taking good care of me.

I’ve got some errands to do today (dentist appointment, health card registration, social insurance number renewal), and then I think I’ll go to bed.