Shopping trip

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The bright red gash stretching across half my arm stings. Red is my
favorite color, but I could have done without this parting shot from
the broken clasp of my short-lived backpack. The backpack's mean
gesture is understandable; it's jealous of the nice new tote I just

And boy, did I look _everywhere_ for that tote. I coasted along Yonge
Street, which conveniently sloped downhill in the direction I was
going. I stopped at every major store I saw. Hudson Bay. Winners.
Eaton Centre. I checked out every shop that looked like it might have
a tote that was just the right size and style.

One of my shopping difficulties is that I have very specific ideas of
what I want. My ideal bag had to be:

  • large enough to hold a binder
  • small enough to not look overwhelming
  • divided into at least two compartments, with plus points for secure outer pockets
  • well under CAD 50.00

I found it for CAD 24.99. The orange trim feels a bit more casual than
I'd like, but I could pass it off as style and it works with my
wardrobe colors anyway.

My 2″ binder fits a little too snugly (I'd like to have a bit of
space), so I need to shift to a 1″ binder.

Everything else is just great. There's even a small pocket for the

Yay. I have a nice bag now. =)

I also picked up a bunch of organizing tools: stackable shelves, food
savers, laundry nets, shoe bags…

Happy girl.

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