Finally! Internet!

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I had been grumbling about it for all of five minutes as I fiddled
about with various settings, finding it completely unfair that newer
residents got hooked up to the Internet in _one_ day, whereas I've
been waiting for _three weeks!_

My roommate helpfully noted that she'd had connection difficulties
before. Apparently, the jacks in our room were miswired. I scribbled a
note on one of my index cards, packed my laptop, a patch cable, and a
book, and decided to head over to Robarts Library to see if I could
get a connection.

On my way out, I ran into Trevor, one of the CS guys I met over
Scrabble and Go.

And… he was holding a sheaf of network activation requests.

Ding! So the mysterious network activation person was _not_ a quirky
and selective PhD student on a long vacation.

I told him what my roommate told me. He nodded sagely and said he had
hooked _both_ ports in just five minutes ago.


Well, there goes all of my night-time strolls. <laugh> I need to
get a really long cable or set up my wireless card so that I can chat
with people in the evenings (morning in the Philippines), although
Skyping from the lab is still best for people's schedules.



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