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If you're interested in blogging for business, you should check out BlogHarbor. I ran into John Keegan at the Mesh Web2.0 conference in Toronto, and he's cool. Here are some of the special features for business blogging:

So Des can offer exclusive access to content on private categories via his blog, with a full User/Group permission model which allows him to not only provide access to restricted categories but to provide authorship privileges to any user or group. If you're interested in reading more about this powerful security model, check out some of our help pages:

  • Multiple Authors
  • Using Categories
  • Giving Individual Readers Access to Restricted Categories
  • Change the “Restricted” Status of Categories
  • Add and Delete Trusted Posters
  • Add and Delete Trusted Readers
  • Add and Delete Users With Custom Permissions
  • Manage Permissions and Security for Groups

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