Living with others

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I'm looking forward to living alone, but I appreciate the lessons I'm
learning by living with random roommates. It's interesting seeing the
real-life versions of situations I read about, and trying to apply the
lessons I've learned from books, my experiences, and other people's
stories. The constant challenges of living with other people force me
to learn how to be a better person. I'm getting better at finding the
good and creating enough space in each moment for me to choose my

I don't think I'll have the kind of easy friendship I've heard about
and which other people in Graduate House enjoy. I get the feeling I
should be making more of my residence life. I didn't really get to
know people at the other dormitories I stayed at, though. Maybe it's
because my outside life is already bursting at the seams. Maybe it's
because the dorm tends to be just a place I sleep.

I should make more of an effort to involve myself in residence life, I
think. I'll try to make it to international coffee night. Sam's
hosting one this Wednesday, I think, and it would be a good occasion
to wear my terno. I haven't been out to Sunday coffee in ages, either.
And then there's billiards, which I keep telling myself I'll learn one
of these days.

Ay, life.

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