Waking up with wonder

| life

I've figured out a great way to start my day. I love waking up to the
alarm on my cellphone, hitting the snooze button, and spending the
next five minutes slowly waking up and thinking of all the things that
make me happy and grateful to be alive. I also mentally sort through
my day and think of what I want from it.

Sometimes it takes more than one snooze button and sometimes I fall
asleep again. When I notice that I'm getting sleepier instead of more
awake, I focus on just doing the very next step: sitting up, for
example. I will graduate to doing this kind of five-minute meditation
sitting up, or maybe even over breakfast. I think it'll be easier to
stay awake that way.

Speaking of breakfast, I need to clear out my part of the fridge and
go for more groceries…

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