My SecondLife interviewbot is coming along nicely

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I’d have given up on the Linden Scripting Language long ago if Stephen
Perelgut hadn’t wanted this bot so much. It’s a good thing I didn’t,
though, as the interviewbot is coming along nicely. It can read
questions from a notecard, ask a series of questions, report the
answers to the owner of the interviewbot, e-mail the answers
off-world, and allow the owner to delete or reset answers. It can
receive answers through channel messages or general chat with a
prefix. Not bad.

Next, I should give it the ability to limit interviewees (if
prequalification is used), do owner-type interactions using a
password, and include dialogs. I’ll also have to stress-test it

Programming is fun, even when you need to deal with a lot of limits.

Random Emacs symbol: custom-define-hook – Variable: Hook called after defining each customize option.

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