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I’m halfway through my fourth week of work, and I’ve packed lunch
practically every day. It’s starting to become a comfortable routine.
Lunch is fun and healthy: a sandwich or wrap, a banana, an apple, and
maybe a few cookies and some chocolate. Grazing throughout the day
helps me stay alert, and I haven’t experienced the mid-morning slump
since I started. The Innovation Centre has a toaster oven, too. I
haven’t taken advantage of that yet, but I’m looking forward to toasty
sandwiches once I finish the tortillas. I’ve used the microwave to
reheat stuff, though. =) Happy!

Today my brown-bag lunch helped me help one of my teammates. He’d
skipped lunch because of several conversations, and he was really
hungry by the time we got to our meeting. I offered him a banana and a
bar of chocolate. He accepted the banana and snacked on it quickly.
Next time this happens, I’ll remember to offer the granola bar I keep
in my purse for emergencies. I’m glad I brought a lot of food. It’s
great having an opportunity to be nice. =)

How can I make this even more wonderful? I’m tempted to try more
make-ahead stuff. That would make it easier to get out the door in the
morning. Toasting would also be fun. I also want to look for more
lunch favorites. Maybe I’ll try making empanada…

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