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From last week:

Dogear podcast due Nov 3 DONE
Client project? WAITING
2000 more words in Emacs-related blog entries WHIFFED =(
Go to DemoCamp, reconnect with people DONE – Fun!
Request papers needed for permanent residency application DONE

Other stuff: submitted two abstracts for the Technical Leadership
Exchange, had two somewhat tense conversations but still very much
loving conversations with parents, and did some shopping.

Little work on Emacs, aside from a few things I did on Org to make it
easier for me to keep track of my work. This was the first week I
spent using Org to organize my work tasks (and timing it, too!), and
that’s been going well. It’s good stuff. Other than that, little
progress on the book.

Most of the weekend was taken up by family stuff. I also spent five
hours shopping, which was much longer than I expected but which did
help me fill out a two-week wardrobe. This might simplify the process
of getting out the door in the morning!

I’m a little anxious because I’m supposed to go to an
infrequently-scheduled orientation course sometime soon, but I haven’t
received the notice or anything. To err on the side of safety, I’ll go
up to Steeles tomorrow and call the HR person as soon as I get there.
I can always work from there.

I’m also planning to take care of some errands like picking up my
convocation tickets, getting passport pictures taken, and sending off
my visa application and RRSP forms. The convocation tickets need to be
picked up during business hours and I should do that sometime this
week to avoid line-ups. I’ll work in the evening to make it up. I need
to find out the proper procedure for sorting out schedule. Maybe

One of the things I did well this week was planning and tracking my work day.
I’m happy with that, and I’ll continue to tweak it.

One of the things I want to do better next week is sorting out these
numerous little gremlins that have crept into my system. The little
quirks are really starting to bother me. If it means doing a reinstall
now that I’ve figured out what little things help me be more
productive, so be it. I don’t think I’ll need to go to that length,
though. I do need to follow up about Dogear, because I’m _really_
missing it. =)

Another thing I want to improve on is keeping track of food and
left-overs. We had an incident with green wontons. =( Fortunately,
none of them were eaten – W- warned me in time.

Goals for next week:

  • Attend newbie orientation at IBM, or find out if it’s been rescheduled.
  • Plan Activities screencast, write script, and make storyboard.
  • Go through one Learning@IBM class.
  • Set up my RRSP.
  • Apply for Canadian visa.
  • Donate to Ateneo, finally (may end up giving in and doing this through Ayala Foundation if that’s easier; can look for a cheaper way next time).
  • Cook food instead of just letting W- have all the fun.
  • Consume all leftovers before they go bad.

Random Emacs symbol: w3m-ccl-get-ucs-codepoint-with-emacs-unicode – Variable: CCL program to convert multibyte char to ucs with emacs-unicode.

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