A good reason to check out the WordPress version of my blog

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If you’re reading this from the Planner version of my blog, you might want to check out the WordPress version for stuff like this:


Ingredients for the sketchblog:

  • Nintendo DS Lite (day 2!)
  • R4DS kit
  • 2GB MicroSD card
  • DS Colors
  • WordPress
  • Postie
  • a POP3 mail account on Dreamhost
  • And a fair bit of hacking…

You could see the sketches inline with the rest of my blog, view just the sketches, or subscribe to just the sketches RSS feed.

I’m looking forward to sketchblogging a lot. It’s so much fun playing with color… =)

Random Emacs symbol: window-live-p – Function: Returns t if OBJECT is a window which is currently visible.

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