Weekly report

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The week was full of starts and stops and starts again. I practiced
Christmas carols with Mike Tsang last Tuesday because I wanted to join
the caroling group for a quick whirl through one of the hospitals, but
I lost my purse on Wednesday and couldn’t make to caroling. (I got my
purse back last Friday, but I’m still waiting for all my cards to be

I went to several client meetings and I’ve been working on some of the
material they need, but I still don’t have access to a wiki I can put
them on. Still, they loved Google Calendar, and I’m glad I showed them
how shared calendars can be awesome.

And oooh, I got the DS Lite I ordered, and I’ve set it up for
sketchblogging. This makes me happy.

No progress on the Emacs book, though. I need to tweak my schedule to
make myself more effective.

And no cooking, either… =(

Goals for next week: Client work, think about job, mindmap chapter
outline and really start filing it in. Already halfway through the

Random Emacs symbol: cddadr – Function: Return the `cdr’ of the `cdr’ of the `car’ of the `cdr’ of X.

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