Weekly review: Week ending November 30, 2008

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  • Submitted my business results for the year (Personal Business Commitments)
  • Participated on a Gen Y and Government 2.0 panel at the City of Toronto’s Web 2.0 Summit. Lots of great conversations.
  • Attended Rahaf Harfoush’s talk on social media and the Obama campaign. Chatted with Jeff Muzzerrall, Gregory Lam and Fiona Cunningham over tea.
  • Finished my assigned tasks (except for wontfixes) for the Drupal-based microsite project we’re working on.
  • Got mysite and other modules working. Whee!
  • Gave release engineer detailed notes, implementation sketch, sample scripts for fancy Drupal deployment system. ;)
  • Set up rudimentary deployment script.


  • Contacted a bunch of people met at various events.
  • Adopted a new cat from Toronto Animal Services! He’s _adorable._
  • Started sewing a lightweight gray wool vest.
  • Hiked with W- and J- a bit more than 7 km near Caledon Hills.
  • Sent out invitations for storytelling soiree, hooray!
  • Submitted passport renewal application.
  • Submitted Philippine police clearance application.

Next week:

  • Work: Extend mysite to work with Organic Groups nodes, get site ready for testing.
  • Work: Get ready for Web 2.0 for Biz community call with yearly summary.
  • Pick up notarized police clearance application from Philippine embassy and send it home for processing.
  • Apply for Japan police clearance again.
  • Take pictures of cats.
  • Finish vest.
  • Start working on annual letter.
  • Host dinner party.
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