Weekly review: Week ending May 10, 2009

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From last week’s plans:

  • Work: Merge development changes into release-4
  • Work: Build event calendar system
  • Work: Get feedback on presenter guide
  • Work: Attend speed mentoring event in SecondLife
  • Work: Mentor more people on Drupal
  • Garden: Encourage plants to survive Brussels sprouts and cauliflower plants look like they’ve gotten eaten by local wildlife. Catnip was completely dug up; rescued tattered remains and put them into a pot, and they seem to be okay. Basil’s thriving. Yay!
  • Piano: Learn Pachelbel’s Canon, Memory Played these for my mom on Mother’s day. yay!
  • Sewing: Pin-fit blouse pattern, start making muslin; make spring skirts Ignored this in favour of pretty Vogue 8020 dress with princess seams because I bought a few yards of cheerful and slightly glittery butterfly fabric =)
  • Blog: Write monthly report Heh, still not done


  • Baked apple-walnut muffins, mmm
  • Had a great chat with my mom about encouraging happiness at work =)
  • Coached people on LinkedIn and other tools/ideas
  • Had lunch with a number of my mentors
  • Attended Science Rendezvous
  • Biked a bit!
  • Got a bike rack installed
  • Delegated organizing get-togethers, for now
  • Filled out my GoodReads profile
  • Learned a lot about JQuery and Drupal =D
  • Learned a lot about getting Date+Calendar to do what I want (also Drupal)
  • Received acceptance notice for IBM Early Career Conference, yay!

Next week:

  • Work: Finish AJAX behaviour for event calendar
  • Work: Build new Drupal access model for our partners
  • Presentations: Prepare for upcoming presentations
  • Sewing: Finish dress
  • Blog: Write that monthly report
  • Life: Host a get-together
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