Drawing by Seeing, and some reflections on life

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Drawing by Seeing (John Torreano) made me think about drawing in a completely different way.

Instead of starting with a line that gets distorted because you can’t see properly and that makes you run out of space because you hadn’t planned for the big picture, start with a shape that you gradually grow until it’s just right, then develop your drawing with marks, so that the entirety of it emerges gradually, instead of piece by piece.

And I thought: This is life. Instead of building  it piece by piece, distorting our drawings because we can’t see properly, start with the rough shape of everything, then fill it in so that all parts develop gradually, and you remember to make room for everything.

Drawing by Seeing (Abrams Studio)
John Torreano

(Disclosure: The link above is an Amazon affiliate link. That said, I recommend checking out your local library. I got this book from the Toronto Public Library, yay!)

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