Getting ready for a long trip

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My flight is at 1 PM tomorrow. I’ve checked and re-checked my luggage weight, reviewed my list of things to bring, ran through scenarios in my head. I’ve scanned and photocopied my passport, numerous visas, work permits, immigration paperwork, and proofs of funds. I have an encrypted copy of the scans on my server and another copy on our desktop at home.

I’ve fretted over the size of my cat carrier and possible litter-box options for my 8-hour Detroit layover. I’ve practised my Japanese in case I need to explain myself at the Nagoya airport on the way back. (Neko wa watashi to Firipin kara Kanada e ikimasu…)

My coworkers have step-by-step instructions for the different tasks I do. “Just in case I drown,” I said. They probably thought I was joking. I’ve set up my out-of-office message with a link to a mindmap that captures most of what I know.

I’m not too stressed out about travel, but I do like making sure that we have solid backup plans.

I have blog posts scheduled for the next two weeks or so. Enjoy!

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