Unstructured time update

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I’m going to find out if all that cooking we did last weekend will get us through this week and next week. If so, then that will free up a valuable block of unstructured time.

My weekdays have mostly settled into a good routine. Thanks to cooking ahead, I have 2-3 hours each evening of unstructured time. Batch-cooking takes a day out of my weekend, which means I have to plan around having one day of unstructured time instead of two, but the convenience and variety of meals during the week is worth it.

So, what are the things I can do with that unstructured time?


  • Write 3-4 blog posts
  • Organize things at home and improve our processes (kitchen kaizen!)
  • Work on code
  • Start seeds or improve the garden
  • Sew pre-cut or small pieces
  • Prepare presentation
  • Read

Weekend: Evening +

  • Pick up books and groceries
  • Do laundry + cooking + major cleaning
  • Cut pieces for sewing
  • Review blog and revise
  • Host tea party

So I should prioritize sewing over writing or coding during weekends, because I can write and code during evenings, but cutting pieces and patterns is harder to squeeze into an evening. =)

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