Monthly review: September 2010

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Last month, I wrote:

September: more Idea Labs, preparations, keeping things sane

We're halfway through October already. As predicted, September was packed with preparations. The tools I had built made it easy to delegate my work, and the simplicity of our wedding plans meant fewer last-minute panics. We survived.

October, of course, was for the wedding and the family get-togethers. All three of us sisters married or will marry in October, making anniversaries easy to remember and group dictations easy to plan. We had also all partnered up with electrical engineers, in the kind of coincidence that's usually reserved for identical twins. (And then there's the unusual number of people named John in our family…)

The rest of October will be for recuperation, getting back into the patterns of everyday life after so many months of preparation. I look forward to returning to that rhythm of writing that helps me make sense of the days.

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