Weekly review: Week ending February 11, 2011

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From last week’s plans

  • Work
    • [-] Start on new project involving Facebook and Rails
    • [-] Work on ITSC blog post, keynote presentation
    • [X] Post more Lotusphere-related reflections
    • [-] Work on Deeper Insights presentation on social learning
    • [-] Work on Remote Presentations that Rock presentation
    • [C] Possibly sign up for consulting course – skipping this for now
    • Learned how to use estimating worksheet
    • Talked to Boz about productivity
    • Worked on newsletter tool
    • Estimated and scoped projects, yay!
    • Got back into Ruby on Rails, prototyped a project
  • Relationships
    • [X] Catch up with tasks at home
    • [-] Give Maira some of the spices – will do that today
    • [X] Organize get-together
    • Celebrated my mom’s 65th birthday
    • Looked for some experiences to share with people (movie, opera)
  • Life
    • [X] Share more reflections from Lotusphere
    • [-] Open up investing TFSA with Waterhouse – will do that on Monday
    • [-] Review my goals and upcoming projects
    • Experimented with lower-key daily routine; need to mix in more social interaction or shared experiences?
    • Brainstormed books I would like to write/read some way

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [X] Clarify scope and prepare estimates for other Drupal or Rails projects
    • [X] Work on Facebook/Rails project
    • [X] Work on newsletter tool – fix bugs, implement requests
    • [X] Look into AIS IP address bug with simple_access>
    • [X] Put together ITSC presentation and blog post
    • [X] Sketch Remote Presentations That Rock revision
    • [X] Outline Org-mode talk
  • Relationships
    • [X] Give spices to Maira; cook Louisiana-style shrimp
    • [X] Watch The King’s Speech with W-
    • [X] Possibly get people together for opera
    • [X] Prepare paperwork for Dutch visa
    • [X] Go to Dutch embassy
    • [X] Meet Mike Nurse
    • [X] Chat with David Singer
  • Life
    • [X] Write about things I’m working on improving
    • [X] Get through busy week

Time analysis

Tried new routine: wake up early-ish, have breakfast, do personal stuff or work, switch to work, have lunch, work, have dinner, tidy up, go to bed. This meant not doing anything that required a lot of thought or creativity in the evenings, and moving those activities to the morning instead.

Category Hours Last week Notes
Sleep 62:36 53.8 8.9 hours average
Work 47:17 59.9 Got carried away prototyping and estimating
Social 13:00 14.8 Chinese New Year dinner with W-‘s family
Writing 11:03 3.6 Assorted reflections
Travel 3:24 19.6 Some commuting
Routines – general 7:49 7.8
Exercise 5:39 0.5 Walking around
Break 5:12 3.8
Routines – tidying 5:08
Learning 1:49
Routines – cooking 0:43
Drawing 0:33
Prep – general 4.0
Prep – planning

Observations: I slept more than expected because I gave in to the temptation to snooze. W- simultaneously shifted to a late-night routine, so he woke up later in the mornings, which influenced the snoozing bit too. I think I’ll try this again, but with activities blocked off for morning hours so that (a) I don’t fill it with work by default, and (b) I have a clear reason to get up and get going.

It was a quiet week, which was a good way to recover from the buzz of Lotusphere. I suspect a good balance may be more towards the social side, though, and I spent some time focusing on developing relationships (finally answered my e-mail, for example!). Next week is going to be pretty busy on the social front. Something in the middle, perhaps. Maybe one occasion planned each week.

I have a feeling that it would be worth spending time developing friendships. I miss that sense of knowing other people that I had with my friends, and the extra richness of shared experiences. I have to consciously reach out and be interested in people to deal with the asymmetry of knowledge. It’s generally easy to know what I’m thinking about because I write about it, but other people tend not to.


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