Weekly review: Week ending February 4, 2011

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Plans from last week

  • Work
    • [X] Help at Lotusphere as a room monitor
    • [X] Potentially host a BoF on the Connections API
    • [X] Learn from Lotusphere presentations (content and technique)
  • Relationships
    • [X] Connect with IBMers, partners, and clients at Lotusphere
  • Life
    • [X] Do time analysis of conference time
      • Can I still get ~8 hours of sleep a day?
      • What’s exercise like?
    • [-] Eat salads. See if I can order half-portions. – Mostly, but I really like having hot meals. Buffet was okay because I could eat smaller portions.

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [X] Start on new project involving Facebook and Rails
    • [X] Work on ITSC blog post, keynote presentation
    • [X] Post more Lotusphere-related reflections
    • [X] Work on Deeper Insights presentation on social learning
    • [X] Work on Remote Presentations that Rock presentation
    • [X] Possibly sign up for consulting course
  • Relationships
    • [X] Catch up with tasks at home
    • [X] Give Maira some of the spices
    • [X] Organize get-together
  • Life
    • [X] Share more reflections from Lotusphere
    • [X] Open up investing TFSA with Waterhouse
    • [X] Review my goals and upcoming projects

Time analysis

Category Hours Last week Notes
Sleep 53.8 55.3 Conference sleep length: 8:25, 7:45, 6:25, 6:08, 6:51, 6:53; catch-up 12:43 on Friday
Work 59.9 40.4 Lots of conference time
Travel 19.6 2.8 Two flights, a number of hotel shuttles
Social 14.8 12.8 Hanging out with Lotusphere folks
Routines – general 7.8 8.7
Prep – general 4.0 5.1
Break 3.8 9.0
Writing 3.6 1.8
Exercise 0.5 4.0 A lot of walking got filed under work
Drawing 12.8
Routines – cooking 3.7
Routines – tidying 2.5
Prep – planning 0.7
Prep – laundry 1.7
Sewing 3.6
Learning 1.2

Observations: I got a decent amount of sleep during the conference. As expected, work expanded into the time I normally spend writing or hanging out with W- and J-. I spent most of the travel time writing, listening to audiobooks, watching movies (RED, The Social Network), and napping.

I walked around 16k steps a day (up from my 12k goal; there was one day I walked over 20k steps). My shoes weren’t the best for walking. They’re flat, but they didn’t have the padding of tennis shoes or hiking boots. The cushioning insoles helped, though. No blisters. Still looking for office-ready flat shoes with good support.

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