Monthly review: January 2011

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2011 was off to a great start. Lots of Drupal work, a conference, and a new project lined up. I started an internal project using Drupal 7, which is pretty cool. I got into the rhythm of making bread every week and of baking larger batches of food to share. I made time for some things I’d been procrastinating, and I had fun. I’ve been reading more books that analyze everyday life, and I’ve been having fun using those perspectives to examine my life. Good stuff.

Plans for January:


  • [X] Finish Project M
  • [X] Finish Project S
  • [-] Start new project – Finished the month with Lotusphere, lined up a project for return


  • [-] Host get-together – Postponed to February
  • [-] Send delayed holiday cards – Oops!
  • [-] Get into the habit of meeting people – Must work on this


  • [X] Improve my routines: set aside time for drawing, sewing, and making presentations
  • [-] Post goals – Wrote goals, haven’t posted them

Plans for February:


  • [X] Work on new project
  • [X] Put together talks for Deeper Insight, Remote Presentations That Rock, and the ITSC
  • [X] Mentor more people


  • [X] Organize get-together
  • [X] Get visa and arrange travel details


  • [X] Write up more reflections




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