Weekly review: Week ending June 18, 2011

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Tired after lots of biking, cooking, and gardening, but it’s a happy sort of tired. New hack working well: leaving smartphone downstairs to avoid temptation of late-night browsing, then using regular phone as alarm clock set slightly before smartphone.

From last week’s plans

  • Work
    • [X] Get started on development with Snake Hill for project M
    • Helped Darrel Rader with Profiles summarization tool
    • Started thinking about possible presentations on Gen C and banking, Drupal development, career
    • Attended Dries Buytaert’s presentation on Drupal 8
  • Relationships
    • [-] Attend Linda and Tim’s wedding – this Sunday, actually!
    • [X] Make pesto
    • [-] Maybe join Bells on Bloor? – also this weekend
    • Received lettuce and cilantro from Awesome Garden Lady
    • Shared home-made guacamole and baked tortilla chips with neighbor
  • Life
    • [X] Put in drip irrigation system
    • Typed in a few chapters of Latin
    • Had lots of salad

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [ ] Smooth out session creation form for project M
    • [ ] Work on Generation C and banking presentation
  • Relationships
    • [ ] Attend Linda and Tim’s wedding
    • [ ] Organize get-together
  • Life
    • [X] Join Bells on Bloor
    • [X] Harvest compost
    • [ ] Spread compost in front garden
    • [ ] Type in five chapters of Latin
    • [ ] Have soup and salad every day in order to try to make a dent in the lettuce

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