Weekly review: Week ending December 30, 2011

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Lots of progress on Quantified Awesome thanks to last week’s long weekend. Looking forward to building more this long weekend. Good progress at work, too!

From last week’s plans

  • Work
    • [X] Work on project CG (Drupal)
    • [-] File insurance claims
  • Relationships
    • [X] Have a massage
    • [X] Spend time with W-‘s family
    • Started playing LEGO Indiana Jones
    • Tidied up kitchen
    • Got lots of new food containers, yay!
  • Life
    • [C] Build Android interface for Quantified Awesome time tracking – cancelled
    • Made HTML5 offline interface instead

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [ ] Finish styling inner pages for project CG
    • [ ] Implement automated screenshots
    • [ ] File insurance claims
  • Relationships
    • [ ] Hang out with Scott and Maira
    • [ ] Connect with more friends
    • [ ] Help W- with his projects
  • Life
    • [ ] Add data entry to Quantified Awesome offline interface
    • [ ] Add access control to QA for privacy
    • [ ] Write tests for QA
    • [ ] Add charts for time
    • [ ] Post results from tracking community-supported agriculture
    • [ ] Take more book notes

Time analysis

Now that Quantified Awesome has turned out to be a pretty convenient time tracker, I’ve been thinking what I want out of time analysis. I’m interested in a few things:

  1. Am I doing good work within the hours I want to work, or is my focus slipping? (~8 hours per work day, not too much over)
  2. Am I sleeping well? How regular can I make my sleep? (Between 7.5 and 8.5 hours on average, and work on reducing standard deviation of sleep length and start time.)
  3. In terms of discretionary time, do I have a good balance between personal projects, social time, and miscellaneous relaxation? (At least 30% of discretionary time used for Quantified Awesome, and at least another 30% for socializing.)
  4. Where am I shifting time from, and does that follow my priorities? If I spend more time on one thing, am I happy about where I’m spending less time?

The reporting system I’ve built so far makes it easy for me to answer the first three questions, and I should bring back the functionality that lets me answer the fourth easily. In the meantime, here’s this week in (fewer) numbers:

Category Total Average Notes
Work 24:53 8:17 (over 3 days) Long weekend
Sleep 60:58 8:42 Lots of sleep, pretty relaxed; length stdev of 1:11
Unpaid work 4:54 0:42 3:39 cooking sprint on Sunday
Personal 13:13 1:53
Discretionary 63:58 9:08 Long weekend

Discretionary breakdown

Quantified Awesome 24:24 38% Building web and offline application for time-tracking
Social 19:32 31% Holiday get-together with W-‘s family
Writing 7:01 11%

Hmm, now to build this into a dashboard…

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